Is CarbonCheck really free?

Yes! CarbonCheck is free to download and use. You can find all the source code at the GitHub repository. It was developed by bldgtyp and the Passive House Accelerator team to help the New York State Passive House community. This project is made possible by the support of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Can CarbonCheck baseline models be used for New York State Energy Code compliance?

No. The State of New York does not currently accept either PHPP or WUFI-Passive for the purposes of demonstrating energy-code-compliance.

Can I use CarbonCheck to create baseline models for states other than New York, or for other protocols?

No: The CarbonCheck application was developed for New York State and currently only includes the information related to the NYS Energy Code’s baseline as described in section R405.5.2. While it is possible to include the specific code requirements for other states in the future, right now CarbonCheck is only for New York State practitioners.

I am getting errors when I try and use CarbonCheck?

Take a look at the Contact for information on how to reach out if you are having trouble.

How do I use CarbonCheck to create automatic baseline models of my proposed design?

Check out the Baselines page for detailed how-to guides for WUFI and PHPP.

How do I use CarbonCheck to generate output reports of the proposed and baseline models?

Check out the Reporting page for a detailed how-to guide.

Can I use CarbonCheck on a Mac?

No, not at this time. CarbonCheck currently only supports Windows OS.