The Passive House Plugin for Honeybee: Use the powerful Rhino+Grasshopper platform to streamline and simplify your Passive House energy modeling. Leverage the capabilities of your existing Ladybug/Honeybee workflows to produce Certification-ready Passive House models in a fraction of the time.

Download Honeybee-PH Installer File ⤓

Check out the Install page for details on how to add Honeybee-PH to your system.

Adds to Existing Workflows

Use your existing Honeybee modeling workflows to generate models for Passive House assessment and Certification.

Single Model

Use one BIM model for all your assessments. From daylighting, to energy, to thermal comfort and full Passive House certification.

Gain Control

Honeybee-PH is for more than just geometry inputs. Configure your mechanical-systems, detailed usage programs, and your certification settings: all from within the familiar Grasshopper platform.

Make Non-Residential Easy

Honeybee-PH dramatically simplifies non-residential building modeling and gives Passive House modelers access to the huge library of Honeybee-Energy programs. Easily manage complex occupancy, lighting, and electric-equipment loads and schedules using only a few simple components.

Simplify Certification

Honeybee-PH includes new tools to automate the reporting of model data such as envelope types, thermal-bridges, interior TFA / iCFA, and room-by-room ventilation airflows. Finally standardize your certification reporting and make your Certifier's life easier.

WUFI-Passive or PHPP

Whether you use the Passive House Planning Package or WUFI-Passive, Honeybee-PH allows you to easily push your building data out to the platform of your choice. Honeybee-PH supports PHPP v9 and 10, as well as multiple language options (English, Spanish, German) and units (SI, IP).

Want to give it a try? Honeybee-PH is free and open-source. Just download, install, and give it a try.

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