Honeybee-PH and the Grasshopper toolkit are free and open-source. Feel free download and give it a try.

YouTube Walk Through

Watch a detailed step-by-step walk through showing both the LadybugTools installation and the Honeybee-PH installation here: Installation Walk Through


In order to successfully install Honeybee-PH, please make sure that your system already has all of the required software installed and working:

Please Note: The installation file for Honeybee-PH does NOT include either WUFI-Passive or PHPP. Those programs must be purchased separately in order to use them. Honeybee-PH is an interface for those tools, not a replacement for them.

Rhino / Grasshopper Installation

In order to successfully install the honeybee-ph toolkit, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Download the Installation File: Download Honeybee-PH Installer File ⤓
  • Step 2: Open the Installation File using Rhino / Grasshopper and follow the instructions. (Note: if you run into permissions trouble during install, try opening Rhino ‘as administrator’.)
  • Step 3: Restart Rhino and Grasshopper to ensure that all the new components are properly added to your installation.

Install Trouble?

If you run into any errors or trouble during install:

  • Do you have Rhino and Grasshopper v7? Right now, this is the only version of Rhino we support.
  • Are you sure you already have Ladybug-Tools and Honeybee installed? You can use the Honeybee “HB Check Versions” component to check that your Python, Radiance, and OS installs are working properly? HB Check Versions
  • Do you have a compatible version of Ladybug Tools installed? Honeybee-PH requires Honeybee-Energy v1.51.47 or better to work properly. If you have an older version of Ladybug Tools / Honeybee installed, you should use the Ladybug Tools “LB Versioner” component to update your installation to the latest version before trying to use Honeybee-PH.
  • Are you using vanilla Ladybug-Tools, or are you using Pollination? If you are using Pollination on Windows, it is possible that your Ladybug-Tools are installed in a different directory than normal. This means you may need additional permissions before you can install Honeybee-PH. If you run into any permissions issues, try running Rhino ‘Run as administrator’ from your Start Menu and then running the Installation. Run as Admin
  • Still having trouble? Check out the Contact page for additional resources.