Video: Introduction to Honeybee-PH

This high-level overview of the Honeybee-PH project is helpful if you are looking to better understand the goals and uses of the tools. This 1 hour session, delivered for the Passive House Network in October of 2022 can be found here: YouTube

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Video Tutorial: Single Family Home to WUFI-Passive

Check out the first Honeybee-PH to WUFI-Passive video tutorial series here: YouTube

In this 14 episode series, we take a simple single-family home building from a blank Rhino scene to complete WUFI-Passive model. In this beginner series we cover geometry, mechanical systems and more - all with a focus on how to use Honeybee-PH and the core workflows to make small project modeling simple and easy.

Download YouTube Series CAD Files ⤓

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